PostHeaderIcon Terry Crews GIF Commercial

Terry Crews is a lusty black male athlete and actor. He is such an imposing figure that I keep my eyes peeled to him. Especially when he shows his sizzlin’ hot body! Check out this great GIF of Crews doing a shaving cream commercial!

Crews recently joined the show Brooklyn Nine-Nine. It is struggling to stay afloat. I should become a watcher. If not for the show, for him!


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PostHeaderIcon Majestic Vernon Davis Behind The Ball

Vernon Davis is a majestic black male athlete.  Check out his stacked 6 pack abs!

Davis is with the San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers are currently participating in the  2013 NFL  playoffs.

VERNON DAVIS<br /><br /><br />
Photographed by Ben Watts on April 8, Candlestick Stadium, San Francisco<br /><br /><br />
Photographer: Ben Watts<br /><br /><br />
Producer: Gyorgi Sapojnikoff / Related Production Inc.<br /><br /><br />
Grooming: Hether Beckrest / Workgroup<br /><br /><br />
Prop Stylist: Abraham Latham / ArtMix Beauty

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PostHeaderIcon Lamman Rucker in Black Coffee

Lamman Rucker is so steamy it makes it hard for me to catch my breath! Check out his pecs and his abs are unbelievable. Rucker is in the new film Black Coffee. The film names him perfectly. I could drink him up!


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PostHeaderIcon Trey Songz Sexy Rub Down on GIF

Trey Songz has a soulful sexiness like no other. Seeing him rubbing himself down is… I don’t know… Doing it on a GIF is even more yummy! Trey has been nominated for Grammys and has done several films, including the recent Texas Chainsaw 3D.


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PostHeaderIcon August Alsina Tattooed and Bulging

Black Male Musician August Alsina is coming out with a splash and he is getting his audience ready. Check out that bulge he is grabbing. And those incredibly hot tattoos!  In just 2 years Alsina has released 1 EP, 4 mixtapes and 4 singles.


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PostHeaderIcon Black Male Actor Kevin Hart Showing Off His Black Ass

Kevin Hart has one hell of an ass. I wish I could catch up to him and grab him so he would stop running. Or better yet, he is running toward me! I love GiFs! Hart is best known for BET’s Comicview.  Check out his  film Grudge Match.


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PostHeaderIcon John Legend in this unbelievably shirtless and sexy GIF

John Legend is a singer-songwriter and an actor. He has won an impressive nine grammy awards. He is one of the hottest black male musicians performing today.


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PostHeaderIcon Terell Tilford Bulging Out of His Boxer Briefs

Terell Tilford has a great body and a fantastic bulge under his boxer briefs. It is the closest thing to seeing him totally nude.  It is the closest thing to seeing him totally nude. I will watch for him to rip his clothes off. He has the body for it.


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PostHeaderIcon Red Café’s Succulant Lips

Red Café has had a rough go at starting his career as a rapper but it seems that he is finally getting a go at it. He has released seven mix tapes and in 2013 he released his first studio album, ShakeDown.


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PostHeaderIcon T.I.’s Huge Black Cock

T.I.  shows off his super thick super black cock in this self shot.  Upon good information it seems that this is real. Not a fake. The boots certainly add some flare!


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PostHeaderIcon GIF of Ginuwine Showing Off His Perfect Body

Ginuwine has one hell of a body. Especially as he flexes in front of the camera. His set of 6 packs are enough to die for but add the super pecs and you have a fire under me!

Ginuwine has had several nominations for his music but it seems that he also spends a lot of time focusing on his personal life.  He just released his recent album, Three Kings in August, 2013.


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PostHeaderIcon Shamar Forte Showing Off His Perfect Body

Shamar Forte is a black male model gone musician. He has made the move successfully. Forte is part of the group Newworld and has also done work on his own including Bright Lights.


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