PostHeaderIcon Sterling Sulieman’s Perfect 6 Pack Abs

Sterling Sulieman’s Perfect 6 Pack Abs get me buzzing all over. Does the shark tooth have any significance of what he could do in bed? I could bite back gently. I could tame him just right. I could please him from head to toes.

Sulieman’s career has been slow going so far but he just landed the part of  Oliver/Rush on the new television show Mind Games. It started out kind of frenzied but it seemed like it might tame down a little. I will definitely give it a few more tries because it has some great looking, really good actors including Christian Slater as Ross Edwards, Steve Zahn as Clark Edwards and Gregory Marcel as Miles Hood.


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PostHeaderIcon Michael Ealy’s GIF of His Perfect Body

Michael Ealy’s GIF of His Perfect Body makes me want to get ready to throw on my loosest pants and head to his new film About Last Night. The killer GIF of him is from the new film About Last Night. The movie out just in time to get us to find out about his new show Almost Human.

I love Ealy’s hairy chest. I also love his thin, trim body. He seems to have a body of a runner. And those eyes. Holy crap!  It is a shame that he doesn’t show his bare body very often but when he does I bring it right to you. As he makes more shirtless scenes I will continue to crank out the GIFs for you. They are the most fun. As I make them I am imagining him walking toward me with what is think is a fine set of cock and balls!



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PostHeaderIcon Will Smith Naked Shower Scene

Will Smith Wet in the Shower can’t get me much hotter. The only thing hotter would be me in there with him and him with a raging hard on for me. Given the chance I know I could rock his world.  I guess this GIF of him getting ready to wash his big black cock is what I get for now.

Smith got his start as a musician and he was super crazy. His entertainment as a black male musician shot his career off in to the show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. One of my favorite set of his films is Men in Black with Tommy Lee Jones. He is great. Funny and super sexy.

Check out Smith in the new film Winter’s Tale starring Colin Farrel. A totally blazin’ hot bad boy. Don’t forget that Matt Bomer is in there too. If you like the older manly kind of actor, Russell Crowe is your guy!


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PostHeaderIcon 6 pack abs on Usher in this GIF

6 pack abs on Usher in this GIF -  what more can a guy ask for? It is a total feast for our eyes.  I lust for black male bodies that look like that. To run my tongue around his black pecs and down his abs and further to his black, beautiful cock. GIFs are the best because they just keep going and going. Letting us see him take his shirt off over and over again. Seeing his muscles ripple.

Usher is a singer-songwriter and actor. He has an album coming out some time in 2014. Better yet,  for those of us that can’t see him in concert get to see him on the big screen this year. He will be playing Sugar Ray Leonard in the upcoming film Hands of Stone starring Robert de Niro and Ellen Barkin. This, I am sure, means he will be shirtless throughout the movie. I will GIFs out to you as soon as they are available.

All PostsUsher_real_GIF_02a

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PostHeaderIcon NFL Prospect Michael Sam is Gay!

University of Missouri  All-American defensive lineman Michael Sam  came out of the closet today, and since he’s expected to be a high round draft pick , he’ll likely be the first openly gay NFL player.

“I came to tell the world that I’m an openly, proud gay man,” he toldChris Connelly of ESPN’s Outside The Lines Sunday night.

Brendon Ayanbadejo, former Baltimore Ravens play and openly gay activist against homophobia in sports, has been helping Sam through the process of coming out.

“Michael has shown great courage in taking this step and not only do we support him, we are incredibly grateful. His decision to welcome us all into his world as he embarks upon a professional NFL career is an honorable one. This moment will resonate in a unique and important way for countless people, particularly LGBT youth,” said Ayanbadejo.

PostHeaderIcon Terry Crews GIF Commercial

Terry Crews is a lusty black male athlete and actor. He is such an imposing figure that I keep my eyes peeled to him. Especially when he shows his sizzlin’ hot body! Check out this great GIF of Crews doing a shaving cream commercial!

Crews recently joined the show Brooklyn Nine-Nine. It is struggling to stay afloat. I should become a watcher. If not for the show, for him!


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PostHeaderIcon Majestic Vernon Davis Behind The Ball

Vernon Davis is a majestic black male athlete.  Check out his stacked 6 pack abs!

Davis is with the San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers are currently participating in the  2013 NFL  playoffs.

VERNON DAVIS<br /><br /><br />
Photographed by Ben Watts on April 8, Candlestick Stadium, San Francisco<br /><br /><br />
Photographer: Ben Watts<br /><br /><br />
Producer: Gyorgi Sapojnikoff / Related Production Inc.<br /><br /><br />
Grooming: Hether Beckrest / Workgroup<br /><br /><br />
Prop Stylist: Abraham Latham / ArtMix Beauty

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PostHeaderIcon Lamman Rucker in Black Coffee

Lamman Rucker is so steamy it makes it hard for me to catch my breath! Check out his pecs and his abs are unbelievable. Rucker is in the new film Black Coffee. The film names him perfectly. I could drink him up!


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PostHeaderIcon Trey Songz Sexy Rub Down on GIF

Trey Songz has a soulful sexiness like no other. Seeing him rubbing himself down is… I don’t know… Doing it on a GIF is even more yummy! Trey has been nominated for Grammys and has done several films, including the recent Texas Chainsaw 3D.


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PostHeaderIcon August Alsina Tattooed and Bulging

Black Male Musician August Alsina is coming out with a splash and he is getting his audience ready. Check out that bulge he is grabbing. And those incredibly hot tattoos!  In just 2 years Alsina has released 1 EP, 4 mixtapes and 4 singles.


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PostHeaderIcon Black Male Actor Kevin Hart Showing Off His Black Ass

Kevin Hart has one hell of an ass. I wish I could catch up to him and grab him so he would stop running. Or better yet, he is running toward me! I love GiFs! Hart is best known for BET’s Comicview.  Check out his  film Grudge Match.


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PostHeaderIcon John Legend in this unbelievably shirtless and sexy GIF

John Legend is a singer-songwriter and an actor. He has won an impressive nine grammy awards. He is one of the hottest black male musicians performing today.


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