PostHeaderIcon GIF of Ginuwine Showing Off His Perfect Body

Ginuwine has one hell of a body. Especially as he flexes in front of the camera. His set of 6 packs are enough to die for but add the super pecs and you have a fire under me!

Ginuwine has had several nominations for his music but it seems that he also spends a lot of time focusing on his personal life.  He just released his recent album, Three Kings in August, 2013.


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PostHeaderIcon Shamar Forte Showing Off His Perfect Body

Shamar Forte is a black male model gone musician. He has made the move successfully. Forte is part of the group Newworld and has also done work on his own including Bright Lights.


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PostHeaderIcon Shirtless, Fiery and Hot Rampage Jackson

Rampage Jackson, this hulk of a black man,  isn’t a man I would like to run in to in a dark alley but would maybe lead him in to one! I’ll bet he could rock my world in a way that it has never been rocked. As you can tell by his costume Jackson is a  mixed martial artist and professional wrestler.


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PostHeaderIcon Joe Torry Fuck Scene in Zane’s the Jump Off

I am willing to bet the house that Black Male Actor Joe Torry is as hung as he is bulky. He has a fantastic body and it looks like he knows exactly what to do with it. He spreads his dick around on the show Zane’s the Jump Off. I never knew that so I may just become a new fan!


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PostHeaderIcon Shemar Moore Brings Us More Smiles

Shemar Moore took his shirt off on the last episode of Criminal Minds. Moore has one of the sweetest if not the sweetest black male bodies on TV. Moore plays the character of Derek Morgan.

Moore actually got his start as a soap star. He was on the daytime soap The Young and the Restless for ten years before he moved to prime time. Great choice for the network!



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PostHeaderIcon Cam’ron Fucking Away

Getting Black Male Musician Cam’ron in this position is every man’s come true. I can feel myself pucker at this very moment. A bubble butt shot is heart stopping. Cam’ron is currently working on Killa Season 2 which has no release date.


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PostHeaderIcon Black Male Model Henry Watkins Almost Naked

I really have no idea who this black male model Henry Watkins is. I just know that I want him. I want him so bad. His damn has are so no fair. I will scour the internet and get more and more of him and if you love him as much as I do, you will come back for more.Henry_Watkins_nude_03Henry_Watkins_nude_02

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PostHeaderIcon Shaun T Sizzlin’ Hot and Shirtless

Shirtless and intensively hot black male athlete Shaun T is a fitness instructor as well as a choreographer. His main focus is HIGH level work out programs. Let me tell ya, if you want a body like that you gotta work it baby! His latest video Focus T25 seems to be a real success.


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PostHeaderIcon Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Shirtless

 Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is an actor/athlete with a body of pure steel. His profession is as a WWF Wrestler and he was good. Even though he looks to bad to touch check his eyes out. They have a glint of mischievous that I would love to explore. Along with much much more!


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PostHeaderIcon Phillip Fauntleroy As Chocolate As Chocolate Can Get

Phillip Fauntleroy – I fell across him when I was looking for black male models. I would love to literally fall across him, on him, under him, under him. Fauntleroy has a body that just doesn’t quit. He is a tease by showing just a small amount of his pubes and a nice package to let us know that there’s something under there!


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PostHeaderIcon Nick Cannon On Fire

Nick Cannon’s body is absolutely glowing. The heat that comes off him is almost blinding! This black male musician/actor keeps getting better looking year after year. To have pecs like that… and check out those 6 pack abs!

Cannon is due to release a studio album,  White People Party Music with his single, Me Sexy. He has done a ton of acting and gotten many nominations in several categories in the fields of his choice.



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PostHeaderIcon Ray Edwards Intensely Hot

Black Male Shirtless Athlete Ray Edwards is a free agent defensive end in the National Football League.  Not much more to say about Edwards other than he is spicy, spicy hot!


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