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PostHeaderIcon Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Beefed Up


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson looks as peaceful as a pussycat watering his cactus here, but that is until you get him in to the ring. Sexy Johnson has been a nine-time World Heavyweight Champion, a seven-time WWE Champion and a two-time WCW Champion.

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PostHeaderIcon Jayson Hurtado Shirtless

Name: Jayson Hurtado

Jayson Hurtado is best known in the area of power lifting and kickboxing, and he currently works as a bodyguard. He is also currently Mr. Colombia.

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PostHeaderIcon Sexy and Shirtless Marcus Bent

Name:  Marcus Bent
Born As:  Marcus Nathan Bent
Birth date/place:  May 19, 1978 in Hammersmith, London, England


Marcus Bent is a British footballer playing as a striker Middlesbrough.  Before joining the Middlesbrough team he played for Crystal Palace, Blackburn Rovers, Ipswich, Everton, Charlton Athletic and Birmingham City.

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PostHeaderIcon Cuba Gooding, Jr. Barefoot & Shirtless


Cuba Gooding, Jr. taking a stroll on the beach, shirtless and barefoot.

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PostHeaderIcon Barefoot Amaury Nolasco

Name:  Amaury Nolasco
Born As:  Amarury Nolasco Garrido
Birth date/place:  December 24, 1970 in Puerto Rico

Amaury__Nolasco_shirtless_02 Trivia:  He was going to enroll in medical school but was cast in his first television commercial immediately after being approached by a director.
After many guest roles in television series and films Amaury Nolasco landed the role of “Fernanco Sucre” in the television drama Prison Break.   He will appeared in the 2009 film Armored as “Palmer”.

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