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PostHeaderIcon Cowboy’d Up Benjamin Patterson

Name: Benjamin Patterson
Birth Place: Oakland, CA


Benjamin Patterson has appeared on television series episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful, Noah’s Arc, CSI: Miami, Brothers & Sisters, and Shark. Patterson’s most recent performance was as “Jayson” in the comedy film Friends & Lovers: The Ski Trip 2.

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PostHeaderIcon Sexy Tyson Beckford


Seeing supermodel Tyson Beckford in his tighty whities never gets old. He is one of the hottest black men around.

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PostHeaderIcon Nelly With His Pants Down Low

Name: Nelly
Born As: Cornell Haynes, Jr
Birth date/place: November 2, 1974 in St. Louis, MO


Grammy Award nominated Nelly has had a successful hip-hop career since 2000. He has released several albums in the past nine years. Nelly has also moved to the big screen with roles in films such as Snipes and The Longest Yard. Multi-talented Nelly is tattooed and sexy to look at.

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PostHeaderIcon Tupac Shakur With Some Attitude

Name:  Tupac Shakur
Born As:  Lesane Parish Crooks
Birth date/place:  June 16, 1971 in Brooklyn, NY

Shakur’s rapper career was highly successful, although, brief.  In the six years that he was active as a rapper, he released 5 studio albums.  His first album, 2Pacalpyse Now, released in November of 1991, was certified Gold.  Shakur’s next  release Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z (1993) went Platinum.   Me Against the World, (1995), was a two-time Platinum album and All Eyes on
Me (February, 1996) was a nine-time Platinum album.    His last album, The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory was released on November 5, 1996, two months after Shakur’s death on September 13, 1996.  It was a four-time Platinum hit.
Shakur also pursued an acting career.  His first major role was in the 1992 crime drama Juice.  In his next film, Poetic Justice, Shakur co-starred with Janet Jackson.  Prior to his death, Shakur had completed three films, Bullet, Gridlok’d and Gang Related. All three were released posthumously.

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PostHeaderIcon Tough LL Cool J

Name:  LL Cool J
Born As:  James Todd Smith
Birth date/place:  January 14, 1968 in Queens, NY
Claim To Fame: Pioneer in the hip hop genre

LL Cool J (the name stands for “Ladies Love Cool James”) is a pioneer in the hip hop genre with his songs Headsprung, I’m Bad and Mama Said Knock You Out.  He is also know for romantic ballads like I Need Love and Hey Love. Cool J has sustained his success as recording artist for more than two decades.  He has released 12 studio albums and a greatest hit album.  His many music awards include:  Two MTV Music Awards, two Grammy Awards, and two Soul Train Music Awards.
Cool J began a film career in the late 1980s and has appeared in over twenty movies and several television series episodes.  A NCIS spinoff is in production with LL Cool J as Special Agent Sam Hanna.

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