Yummy Columbus Short

Name:  Columbus Short
Born As:  Columbus Keith Short, Jr.
Birth date/place:  September 19, 1982 in Kansas City, MO
Claim to Fame:  As the lead role, “D. J.” in the film Stomp the Yard

Short is an actor, choreographer and dancer.  His film debut was made in 2004 as a dancer in You Got Served.  His next film appearances were in 2006s Save the Last Dance 2 and Accepted.  Short’s career took off when he was cast in the role of “Darius” in Aaron Sorkin’s critically acclaimed, but short- lived television drama, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.  His next films were:  This Christmas, Quarantine and Cadillac Records.
In 2007, Short was nominated for the MTV Movie Award for Breakthrough Performance in Stomp the
Yard and Best Kiss, also in Stomp the Yard.  Upcoming films for 2009 are
Whiteout and Armored.  Due for release in 2010 is the film Death at a Funeral, and, in 2011, The

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